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The domain says itself what this blog contains all about. It is all about tips and tweaks and guides for your computer whether you are using Windows, Macintosh or even Linux systems but this blog will contain more information about Windows system because it is the most popular and used system in the world. I might be also blogging about hardware stuff like gadgets, computer parts like processors, memories and etc.

Windows 7 UltimateSince I will be sharing more information on Windows systems, I suggest to get a Windows 7 Ultimate system from Amazon if you still don’t have one.

Windows 7 is the best system so far from the list of operating systems of Microsoft. I don’t want to compare it with Macintosh and Linux because they are totally different systems. If you want an easy and user-friendly system, I suggest getting and start using Windows 7 computer.

I know that Windows 8 is coming to the market, but I am not so sure yet with its compatibility with 3rd party programs where I will be sharing to you here in this blog.

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About the Author

My full name is Patrick Joseph Quijano and I live in the Philippines. I really love learning about technology and computer stuff. I started learning to fix computer around my high school days. During my college days, I started learning securing the computer using software and editing policies in Windows systems. When I started working, I started learning other systems like Macintosh and Linux systems (Ubuntu and Debian). If you want to know more about me, you can visit my personal blog site at http://www.patrickquijano.com/.

If you wish to contact me you can go to my Contact page for any inquiries and Links Exchange. For Links Exchange, just make sure you provide your website, title and description so that I can add it into my Links Exchange page.

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